Several major paper toys classification

    1. Jigsaw: Jigsaw is a toy that has been around for hundreds of years. It is said that as early as 1760, French and British almost simultaneously had this kind of entertainment. Initially, the patterns of the puzzles were of some educational significance, with essays suitable for young people to read, or to impart historical or geographic knowledge to the emerging bourgeoisie. Since then, it has developed into an educational toy, and hundreds of years of age are enduring.  Today, the patterns of the puzzles are mostly based on natural scenery, buildings and some familiar patterns. Some companies also provide services for making private photographs into puzzles. Common jigsaw puzzles have different specifications such as 300 pieces/set, 500 pieces/set, 750 pieces/set and 1000 pieces/set. At present, the largest size of the product puzzle is 24,000 pieces/set. There are also some puzzles, which are printed on both sides. Players can group the patterns on either side, and the difficulty of the game is also increased, because in the case of the pieces in the hand, it is difficult for the player to determine which side is the correct side.

    The puzzles are generally made of cardboard, the cost is low, and the production process is not complicated - the printed puzzle pattern is pasted on the cardboard, and then the die-cutting is performed.

     2. Three-dimensional puzzle: Three-dimensional puzzle is a kind of jigsaw puzzle that has begun to rise in recent years. Players can assemble flat cardboard into various stereoscopic models, such as buildings, vehicles, military models, children's parks, etc. without any auxiliary tools. The three-dimensional puzzle is a DIY toy that integrates entertainment, knowledge and appreciation. It can cultivate the player's manual brain ability. It is a kind of toy for all ages. Like ordinary jigsaw puzzles, three-dimensional puzzles are mostly made of cardboard. The difference is that the die-cut pattern is relatively complicated, and the model is inserted into the model, which requires careful design by the designer.

     The three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle has been popular in the market since its launch. Many companies have invested in the development and design of three-dimensional puzzles. In addition to the paper material, the three-dimensional puzzle can also use plastic materials such as PVC, and even metal materials, but currently there are many paper materials, mainly paper three-dimensional puzzles are relatively safer and cheaper.

    3. Card games such as board games: table games are table games, table games, and generally refer to chess, cards, puzzle games, etc., including sandboxes, war games, negotiation games, etc. To date, board games have launched tens of thousands of different kinds of games, from simple games for infants and toddlers to war games that are very complex and require multiple reincarnations.

     4. Other paper toys: Of course, in addition to the three paper toys mentioned above, there are many other paper toys, such as various objects made of corrugated cardboard, which are mostly important ones. The principle of inserting and inserting flat paper products into different forms. In addition, there are also some learning products, such as learning boards that can take out some shapes, paper toy books, etc., which are also very popular among consumers.

    In fact, the number of paper toys produced in China is already very large, but it is mainly used for export, because the demand for such products has been very large in foreign countries. At present, the domestic market has begun to pay attention to this field and is catching up. In the face of such a market with considerable development potential, what can printing and packaging companies do? In fact, as the most important paper processing enterprise, many printing companies have the ability to produce paper toys. At present, most printing companies are in the historical stage of transformation, paper toys are undoubtedly a good entry point, especially for those printing and packaging companies that have strong design strength, they can use this opportunity to design Branded products, enter the toy market, create innovative ideas and create profits.

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